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Our business management system contains all the procedures and associated documentation to manage and control our business and is available to all staff. The aim of our quality management system is to ensure that .


We try to offer a fast and modern service to all our clients.  It is our first and last endeavor that customers receive their products in next to no time.

Furthermore, we strive to issue payment receipts immediately.  In this fast paced modern world we provide you with quick links which will save you time and help you find your way around our site with ease.

We are available to answer your queries 24 hours a day.

All our items are checked by our experts before being shipped. We hope you enjoy the website and hope to hear from you soon.  Your inquiries are always most welcome.






                                                     EXCELLENT QUALITY  .



                                                         COMPETITIVE PRICES.   



                                                        ENERGETICALLY SERVICES .


                                                          RESPONSIVE & RESPONSIBLE .


               On Account of these All Factors Our Products are Highly Appreciated at the

               International Market.


                                   " These Factors Are Back-Bone of Our Success. "



Secure Payment

Our Secure Payment

Our company authorized to accept western union money transfer, money gram service or bank T/T transfer.

Western Union/Money Gram/Bank Transfer

About these service:-

Western Union:-

Western Union is easy to use and is the fastest worldwide money transfer service.  It is protected by an advanced security system.  It uses advanced electronic technology and a global information network for fast payout.  In most cases, your funds can be picked up within minutes, without any trouble.


This service is available at over 10, 000 locations worldwide on the money transfer network.  Money is transferred securely and quickly, usually within minutes.

Bank Transfer:-

For bulk (wholesale) it is best to order through bank T/T wire transfer.  Banks will normaly transfer money within 2 to 3 working days.  Most people use bank transfer for large or bulk payments.